One of the hallmarks of the NUDURA brand over the years has been our commitment to our customers, who are the lifeblood of the industry. We have been fortunate to receive great feedback from a variety of architects, distributors, installers, building owners and others to be able to innovate further.

Architects and engineers approached us with a question about how to remove insulation from a particular side of an ICF structure. We responded by introducing the NUDURA ONE Series form. ONE Series forms are ideal for applications including elevator shafts and stairwells in high-rise buildings, where insulation is not needed.

The ONE Series features a special multi-tie we can insert into the system that enables plywood panels to be connected onto the face of the wall. Once the concrete is cured, the panel can be removed, leaving a very smooth surface of concrete with the divots removed where the connection points have been for the concrete.

Architecturally, this technology creates an aesthetically pleasing wall. While the hard surface does not require finishing with drywall, it can still be married into the rest of the ICF system. Similar applications where direct concrete exposure is frequently desired include loading docks, garages, and more.